There are five species from the Asia-Pacific region here: the largest code reduction lentilles moins cheres 2014 living lizards, the Kommodo Dragon, Muntjac deer and cadeau st valentin personalisé several bird species.
Floquet de Neu - the only known albino gorilla.
Hi ha gran quantitat d'animals i es fantàstic "Molt be!Research and conservation, we work to know and protect wildlife and natural habitats all over the world.Cccb 6,00, gratuit, fundació Antoni Tàpies 7,00, gratuit, fundació Joan Miró 12,00, gratuit, macba 10,00.Here, animals can be petted and pony riding is possible.We keep the nature, sponsor an animal, help us to take care of them and protect their species.Comment aller à la Sagrada Familia depuis le zoo de Barcelone Pour aller à la Sagrada Familia depuis le zoo de Barcelone depuis la station Ciutadella Vila Olimpica, suivez la ligne 4 en direction de "Trinitat Nova" jusqu'à Passeig de Gracia puis prenez la ligne.The training of the elephants, would you like to see how do we train and take care of Susi, Yoyo and Bully?The baby gorilla was bought by zoologist Jordi Sabater Pi from a farmer who had killed his mother.In the first months the small primate was raised in the home of the zoo veterinarian.The discounts included in the Barcelona Card may be changed without prior notice.

Barcelona Zoo has always enjoyed spectacular breeding success with gorillas.
Floquet fathered 22 offsprings - an animal record.
One symbol of the zoo that is still well-known today is the world's only known albino gorilla "Floquet de Neu" (Snow Maiden who delighted enthusiastic visitors to the zoo from 1966 until his death in 2003.20 December 2018, three African elephants given a home at Barcelona Zoo, where they have found well-being and company.When his illness became known, the queue in front of his enclosure of those who wanted to see him again was several hundred metres long).Hi ha una gran quantitat d'espècies i animals.In 1966 "Snowflake was brought to Barcelona from Central Africa at the age of about reduction booking 2016 2 years.Gratuit 96-Heures 27,50, gratuit 120-Heures 33,70, gratuit, train vers laéroport 4,10, gratuit, metro to airport 4,50, gratuit, musées et attractions, attraction, normal price, with card.11 December 2018 10 years cooperation with Senegal to conserve the Sahels fauna and their habitat.Education, we teach to know and love the animals to children and teenagers, from Nursery School to Secondary School "Simplement encantador encantador per visitar amb la familia.