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Phrasal verb phrasal verb, add to my wordlist jump to other results, phrasal Verbs vouch for somebody/something.
When an accounting transaction is vouched, it is tested and verified by presenting relevant documentary evidence.Double-click any word on the page to view its translation or definition).Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.Take THE quiz, cheekbone reduction cost words at Play, ask the Editors.By using this technique, the auditor reviews all the entries and seeks for the relevant documentary evidence that supports and verifies each transaction.Test Your Vocabulary, valentine's Day Quiz, which word used to mean sweetheart or darling?With the use of technique, the auditing process is accurate and transparent.Link to this page.

The auditor who undertakes the project seeks to verify that the companys transactions are valid, business-related and properly authorized.
Guarantee, back, bon de réduction alice delice certify, answer for, swear to, stick up for (informal), stand witness, give assurance of, asseverate, go bail for, kim's mother agreed to vouch for Maria and get her a job.
Example, a manufacturing company submits its financial statements and book of accounts to a leading auditing firm for vouching.Just help you to understand the meaning.The auditor finds documentation concours rédacteur principal 1ère classe of receipts, capital expenses, and others that pertain to the recorded transactions in the book of accounts.Often, auditors are guilty of fraud by presenting a companys financial statements as valid.I can vouch for her ability to work hard.

Add to my wordlist jump to other results (formal) to say that you believe that somebody will behave well and that you will be responsible for their actions Are you willing to vouch for him?
What Does Vouching Mean?