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The health leaders signed the Swaziland Statement, committing them to work with Southern African Development Community (sadc) Countries to achieve the targets coupon reduction traumatica of cutting deaths from TB and HIV-associated TB by half by 2015, compared to 1990 levels.
Joint Tourism Special Event, with the objective of engaging in an efficient manner towards a new decade of international support for sustainable tourism development for Least Developed Countries (2011-2020 the.
With these advantages (long available to men women can increase their contribution to national development and poverty reduction.
As an immediate response to the LDC IV High-Level Preparatory Meeting on Tourism for LDCs held in France in 2010, and its.The agencies will also launch a set of seven action-oriented policy briefs for practitioners on key aspects of rural employment and decent work that identify specific challenges, and successful approaches to tackle them.The Stop TB Partnership joined UN agencies, partners and individuals for a 1000 minute digital rally to mark the start of the 1000 day countdown.Rome, new United Nations interagency report on the gender dimension of agricultural work says women still benefit less than men from rural employment and face new challenges due to the current economic and food crises.They need equal, secure access to land and other assets."The MDGs have proven to be critical in securing political commitment and funds to fight TB said Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership.At the same time, the report says that besides other challenges regarding gender disparities in rural employment, the recent financial and food crises have slowed down the progress towards greater gender equity and decent work for women in agricultural and rural areas over the past.Due to Tourism capacity for creation of employment, poverty reduction, human development and environmental sustainability, it can benefit these countries in a number of ways offering an opportunity for all-inclusive growth.Organized in partnership with the UN Foundation, participants organized a series of online discussions on twitter, facebook and other social media platforms.

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Ifad.org, food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).Participating academic institutions are welcome to send relevant documents and web resources for the prme learning community to the.Prme Secretariat to be published in this section.Fao.org, tags: rural employment, women workers, poverty, agricultural development, agriculture, discrimination.The measures should include legal reforms that promote gender equality; social safety nets; assistance to organizations supporting farmers, women and youth; child care programmes; education; and better access to information and labour markets.

ILOs Decent Work Agenda, which focuses on better jobs, social protection, universal application of labour standards and promotion of equitable rural institutions.