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Since students often have relatively low incomes and lots of tax credits, they tend to generate fairly large tax returns. .
Studio Tax is highly recommended.As a refundable credit, you could actually get money back (if you have zero taxes owed to CRA) if you are eligible to claim this credit Claim Moving Expenses: If you have relocated (or moved on account of your pursuit of education you are entitled.The isic is issued to full-time students who are members of the Federation as a benefit of membership.Also, an abundance of information about available housing; including photos and text, contact information and property features.Doing taxes by yourself is actually kind of fun (yes, I know I sound lame but maybe I was an accountant in my past life) but I would only say it is fun if you use a tax preparation software program and you have.Most importantly, participants receive support from swap staff in Canada and abroad.

Note: If youre one of the few that need to file an American tax return, check out this article that compares the most popular tax software in the.S.
Contribute to your rrsp before March 1: The, rRSP deadline is March 1, 2018. .
This allows you to keep your money in your hands from day one instead of waiting on a big tax refund.Because of your membership with the York Federation of Students AND the Canadian Federation of Students, the isic is free for all members (a regular.00 cost)!They can charge exorbitant fees if your tax return is complicated and often the people doing your tax returns are not accountants. .Visit the Members' Services Office (Room 106 Student Centre) for more info!Wonderland, regular Day Admission Ticket for.00 ontario Science Centre, save up to 20 on tickets Special-Offer Code: YorkU Alumni Promo Code: 119926.Vue rver_location vue main_1st_registered, alexa vue exa_traffic_rank, hTTP vue tp_status_ code vue nnect_time vue wnload_speed, hTTP vue te_info.Check out some of our online discounts for the 2017/2018 school year.Participants pay a registration fee, and receive all necessary working papers, accommodation upon arrival, and other services.Claim Medical Expenses: Keep your receipts for any prescriptions and medical or dental expenses that werent covered by your Health Benefits Plan. .