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The US press reported that they thought the shows with the two new guys worked better.
It was going to be a Satanic Bible type idea that I wanted to have published as a novel, explains Cronos.
I decided to write a story on the war between heaven anguished unmaking game day promo and hell, and writing from the perspective of a continuation of the end of the bible, so my At War With Satan story starts where the bible ends, as a continuation".
Whats more, this young metal punk from Newcastle tilted the metal world off its axis.
I've been writing music and lyrics since I was very young, and the order in which songs are recorded doesn't really matter, I could be writing songs for a new album and think 'oh yeah' I've got that idea I came up with 5 years.We were used to old church halls and basements, where wed work up the songs in the past.Explains Cronos remise karoq I was always frustrated that Black Sabbath never took things a stage further.The secret of Venom lies locked partially in serendipity, partly in belief, yet largely in a mythology thats built on the solid foundations of ideas created by Cronos.There was a certain way of doing things in this industry.Standing apart from all the sheep in the music industry.Archer didnt exactly endear himself to the rest of the band when he chose an inappropriate stage name and hated the Satanic element.There were still are too many who think that the way forward is to be part of the pack.

Its all down to your point of view".
When we arrived the guitarist thought he could just lie around and do fuck all thinking he was lord of the manor, but we were there to make an album so it was wrong for the spirit of Venom.
Yeah, you might get a little bit of success, but can you look at yourself in the mirror, knowing that youve always done whats right, rather than something that just earns easy money, whoever said 'I did it my way'?What let it down was the production and the bands aggressive input, or lack of it, we should have rehearsed the songs before going into the studio, the way we did the other albums, the songs are good songs, but I just had to record."Getting into the studio to record was quite a challenge for me, I used to pester the managing director about bringing my band 'DwarfStar' into the studio when I first got the job, although without any joy, then when I formed Venom I tried again.I'm not sure if those guys would have even been able to get a deal if I hadn't motivated everyone into getting their shit together.In the end, though, I was persuaded against my better judgement to go for Cronos as the name of the new project.Ultimately, it was Cronos who came out on top, with the drummer quitting to pursue a job on a building site, leaving the frontman and the guitarist to move forward.The guitarist Jeff had cut his hair off, so the old lifestyle wasnt something which appealed to him.They might sing about Satan, but still asked God to help them!That was never for.Once Cronos got the 'all clear' from his Doctors, he started to mastermind the return of Venom, but this time it was all or nothing, as his time away from the band had given him a better perspective of what Venom was all about, and.