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Thats the premise of Marvel NOW s X-Men Legacy series.
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From there Hickman throws in a slew of mentally unstable geniuses like Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Fenyman, each of which are hiding a dark secret, and youve got the madhouse code reduction sba france pot boiler that is this series.
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Card illustration entitled Restoration Angel by artist Wesley Burt from the Avacyn Restored expansion set of Magic: the Gathering.
Like FF to Fantastic Four, this series will share characters with the main title, as well as some plot elements, making them a shared story, of sorts.
While the Avengers are fighting baddies on Mars, they are not, in fact, fighting the aliens from Mars Attacks!Enjoy what you just read?Cup of Joe imprint, this time through, image Comics, for his first new ongoing series, Ten Grand.Budget Modern Deck - Boros Blink Combo (90) 2 years ago, looking for cheap janky deck to play in Modern? And in knee socks.REL event this week.

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