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Since they were a protected species, causing the death of a cat was punishable by death.
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The ancestral cat, domestication of the cat, cats in ancient Egypt.
After submitting the vote you will have to identify yourself to make the vote counted.And the spotted coat of some domestic cats in India suggests an ancestral relationship with the Asian subspecies.School students sharpen scrum skills, guided by yusu experts, seven Ugra-based school student teams cadeau de noel bien etre match wits to win the Regional Research Project Contest., rACE CAR developed BY yusu students showcased AT UIF 2018.Cats in ancient Egypt.It looks like you are not registered yet on favor.Houses, barns and grain stores provided a new environmental niche that was rapidly exploited by mice and other small mammals, the favored prey of small wild felids.The Egyptians restricted the spread of cats to other countries by making it illegal to export them.Nutro choice Info Im not sure.But domestic cats were eventually taken to other countries.

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With the spread of the domesticated form, interbreeding probably took place with local wildcat races that may have contributed, in varying degrees, to the ancestry of modern domestic cats in different places.
It seems most likely that the original ancestor of the domestic cat was the African wildcat, idéé cadeau noel papa Felis sylvestris libyca.Expand all, products, survey, poll Results 2018, pet products /.It seems likely that these wild cats would have been tolerated, initially, or even encouraged with scraps of food.Like the wolf, the more docile of these wild cats would have been gradually absorbed into human society, and in this way, a founder population of semi-tame cats may have been established.Perhaps these trade marks already out of business and they should be removed from the poll?

So, the domestic cat has changed relatively little in appearance from its wild ancestors.