Buyer Entities, the main entities in the API related to buying tickets are events, listings and categories.
Listing:localwebpage GET No premiere moisson concours paris 2017 The webpage on the local viagogo website where a listing can be purchased.
Number_of_tickets int Filters results to only include listings that allow the specified number of tickets to be purchased.
Top Events in United States, top International Events, top Destinations for Events.Http Caching Most responses return code cadeau bois de la reine a Cache-Control header with a max-age value that indicates the number of seconds your application can cache a particular response for.The response will have content-type image/jpeg or image/png.You can use the page parameter to specify which page of data to retrieve.Expiry_year int Yes The year that the card expires.Overall, this is a dirty tactic to employ, and does not create a well-priced or trustworthy service.Relation Method Templated Description self GET No The collection of the current ticket types.Delivery_method DeliveryMethod No The delivery method for the ticket(s).

Webhook:ping curl -X post "t/v2/webhooks/48/ping" -H "User-Agent: MyAwesomeApp" -H "Authorization: Bearer var grey's anatomy season 13 episode 24 promo api new ViagogoClient clientId "clientSecret new await api.
Properties Name Type Description id int The venue identifier.
Obtain an access token curl -X post "m/oauth2/token" -u "clientId:clientSecret" -basic -H "Content-Type: -d "grant_typeauthorization_code" -d "codecddgafgfvawe" -data-urlencode "redirect_urim/callback" -data-urlencode "scoperead:user write:user" var token await "cddgafgfvawe new Uri m/callback new "read:user "write:user" # todo / todo # todo The above command returns an object structured.Use the carrier:createpickup link to create a Pickup for the given window.Souvent cumulables avec le CashBack, les codes promo vous offrent des avantages multiples chez les marchands en ligne (réductions immédiates, livraisons offertes, cadeaux.).Carrier A carrier (e.g.Payment_type string The type of the payment method used for this sale.Parameters Name Type Required Description ticket_price money No The price of each ticket in the listing.