When it is part of a set combination, eg in danger, weak in, look up the other word.
Lire la suite, youssoupha : "Acoustic Experience acte III.
Music professionals (more than 600 each year) are also faithful participants : they discover and select young talent or stars from France or elsewhere who will be billed for the musical season and the summer festivals.
Hubert Lenoir 20 AVR, corine 20 AVR, sam Paganini 20 AVR, kompromat 20 AVR.( while) en in trying to save her he fell into the water himself carrefour fr jeux concours kids en essayant de la sauver, il est tombé à l'eau.Adverb 1) ( indoors ) to come in entrer to run in entrer en courant to ask ou invite somebody in faire entrer quelqu'un 2) ( at home, at work ) to be in être là I'm usually in by 9 am j'arrive généralement.In that conjunctional phrase dans la mesure.For the index to these notes For examples of the above and particular functions and uses of in, see the entry below.Mayra Andrade 20 AVR, radio Elvis 20 AVR.The Printemps network, active all year long, the 40 or so regional, European or overseas representatives of this Association search for new talent.The venues, for audiences of between 3, are under cover and heated.(set structures) in between noun/pronoun entre he positioned himself in between the two weakest players il s'est placé entre les deux joueurs les plus faibles in between adventures, he finds time for.( colloq ) adjective to be in to be the in thing être à la mode to know the ins and outs of an affair connaître une affaire dans les moindres détails to have an in with somebody US avoir ses entrées chez quelqu'un.In Israel en Israël in masculine country au in Japan/Kuwait au Japon/Koweït Note also the following: in the Sahara au Sahara in plural country/group of islands aux in the United States aux États-Unis in town/island without article à in London à Londres in Cuba.

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He's usually in on Saturday morning il est généralement chez lui le samedi matin you're never in!
Adjective ( fashionable) (inf) à la mode it's the in place to eat c'est le restaurant branché (inf) en ce moment it's the in thing.
( inside) à l'intérieur she opened the door and they all rushed in elle a ouvert la porte et ils se sont tous précipités à l'intérieur When in means in it or in them, it is translated.
Je suis là!; bath, bed 2) ( inside, within ) dans in the box dans la boîte there's something in it il y a quelque chose dedans or à l'intérieur 3) ( expressing a subject or field ) dans in insurance dans les assurances; course.This Festival is a mirror which reflects the tumultuous epic of musical trends and changes, a unique laboratory where, during the past two decades, French music has undergone vast transformation, families have divided, rock has made a triumphant entrance.The highlight of the year on the French music scene!The essays have to be in by Friday les dissertations doivent être rendues d'ici vendredi.Actuellement, premier dispositif national de repérage et de sélection de nouveaux.For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( join, tuck, result, write etc) If you have doubts about how to translate a phrase or expression beginning with in ( in a huff, in business, in trouble etc ) you should consult the appropriate noun entry.( wearing) en they were all in shorts ils étaient tous en short in his slippers en pantoufles you look nice in that dress tu es jolie dans cette robe.

Plural noun to know the ins and outs of a matter connaître les tenants et aboutissants d'une affaire she knows the ins and outs of the system elle connaît le système dans ses moindres détails.
(inf) il va en prendre pour son grade!