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Mind you, a rubber corset after the whalebone contraptions that Helen Ware grew up with, would be a bonus!
She would have started before the end of the 19th century and was still wearing laced foundations when she passed away some seven decades later.
The model bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Kathryn Hepburn. .With the notorious fragile longevity of pure rubber, few garments have survived.There appears to be no strong evidence that using a pacifier delays speech development by preventing babies from practicing their speaking skills.The archetypal 'Charnaux' corset advertisement (courtesy of Bunyip Bluegum - left).As the advertisements from the mail order catalogues show, these girdles were 'popular' in Britain, America and France.The mouth shield and/or the handle is large enough to avoid the danger of the child choking on it or swallowing.12 Infants who use pacifiers aromes et liquides bon de reduction may have more ear infections ( otitis media ).The embarrassing splitting was mitigated by reducing the size and number of the perforations."A comprehensive review of evidence and current recommendations related to pacifier usage".

In 1951, Sears advertised the famous Playtex girdle.
As with the Dutch corset ( below the rare laced example was probably designed to accommodate the fluctuating figure of the elderly women.
But this may just have been an urban myth.) One hot summers day my friend and colleague, a young, ambitious account executive, was summed to the Alstons shop to collect the garment that was to feature in a front page advertisement in the local paper. ."They slim whilst reducing excess flesh whist at work or when just relaxing at home and, No dieting is necessary and no tiring exercise, they work for you, all through the day. .'British Journal of Nursing: The Midwife' Aug 7 1915.An attempt that was partially successful to solve the latter problem was to make a pattern of perforations that would, so said the makers, allow some areas to stretch more than others.Playtex, like so many manufacturers resorted to the before-and-after picture (below) that stretches concours secretaire administratif defense the imagination, if not the girdle.La collection linge de maison conjugue qualité, tradition et innovation.The garment was a pink rubber corset, but what my colleague had not bargained for was that it it was already attached to an equally pink fibreglass female trunk. .

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