Caution, benzoin oil is a derivative of benzene.
Benzoin Gum Sumatra warms and tones the heart, bon de reduction pecheur com improves circulation, raises spirit and uplifts mood.
In olden days, the smoke of benzoin oil was used by women to make their hair smell good.The resin called benzoin, or oftentimes gum benzoin is not, strictly speaking, a gum (i.People suffering from cold have a congested respiratory tract and so it is difficult for them to sleep but with the help of benzoin oil they get a lot of relief.Skin, benzoin Gum Sumatra has astringent, antiseptic, reduces inflammation, help to stop bleeding properties.Of sweet, vanilla, resinous, balsamic, powdery, milky, and spicy which is soothe, stimulate, comfort, and warm individuals especially when they are exhausted or feeling a little down.

Helps to keep the skin supple and elastic, and tones up the muscles which all of these very helpful for face lifting and for reduction of wrinkles on the skin.
Since ancient times, benzoin has been considered a protective incense against all types of malignancy, especially when combined with other precious incense resins (i.
Benzoin oil works well as an astringent.
The smoke of benzoin oil drives away dour and fills the room with aroma.It can be mixed with bathing water and massage oils.It uplifts moods in case of depression and relaxes people in case of anxiety and stress.Its components are effective germicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and antiviral substances.Due to this, it is used in a number of anti arthritic balms.Chinese magicians believe that burning benzoin resin (in their case, generally in the form of incense sticks) can enhance one's luck and increase the profitability of a business.The extent to which its smoke spreads on burning will makes the zone disinfected from germs.Fine qualities have a strong storax-like odor, marking a distinct difference from the sweet vanilla odor of the Siamese variety.It is useful where there is redness, irritation, itching, and for cracked or dry skin.When mixed with water and used as a mouthwash, it helps in tightening the gums.