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Updated 1/20/19, redox (redox potential) basics (oxidation potential, ORP Although not a well known process among many aquarists, with much misunderstanding of combien gagne chroniqueur tpmp both sides of the equation by even some advanced aquarium keepers; the implications of Redox for a healthy aquarium are quite far reaching.
Click graph to enlarge Here are a few reducers, in other words, elements or processes that can transfer electrons to another substance; Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and the process of Photosynthesis involves both oxidation and reducing.
However some in the aquarium keeping community still seem to be in the dark as per this growing documented research.) Back To Top background: My research and interest in Redox goes back to my curiosity as to why certain aquarium maintenance methods were more effective in keeping healthy fish, and the common knowledge of the day did not fully explain results I was achieving."Hike in Hong Kong families turning to international schools amid fears of pupil burnout".This article has information about using Potassium Permanganate in a very simple ( fun) test to determine the health of your aquarium before and after a water change: Aquarium Cleaning; Reasons (See Redox Section).10 The fiscal deficit suffered by the Hong Kong Government following the Asian Financial Crisis forced the government to cut costs.ICT with the help of donations from.The observations first began in earnest at the Bahooka Restaurant in 1978 where I had over 110 aquariums, mostly over 80 gallons, and all with low bio loads, the same feeding schedule, the same exact filtration method; however variables in in water changes use.

Another important consideration is a healthy Redox affects the electrolyte balance in your aquarium.
14 The news was announced through the ESF newsletter.
Another interesting aspect of Redox potential is the correlation of a certain Redox level and the growth of Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) in Aquariums and lakes.
The subvention was cut for several years in line with a general reduction in government expenditure and then frozen.In some aquariums, a higher Redox of 350 mV may be a good Redox to obtain (for oxidation) when high organics and decomposition is lowering water quality.I base this article on Redox studies as it corresponds to humans and all fish, animals, and even plants.Cleanings were consistent every two weeks with about 25 changes of water via a Gravel Vacuum.I found the tanks with the Under Gravel Filters performed the worst (and not just in Redox) due to their tendency for DOC (Dissolved Organic Compound) buildup which results in high amounts of Nitric Acid production.8 There were 218 perfect scorers in 2017 worldwide.