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However, its really their basic usage that you really need to get to grips with when revising your writing.
The en dash is also often used in the place of a hyphen to combine open compounds: The award-winning lake is situated on the EnglandScotland border.
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Uses of the En Dash, one of the biggest uses of an en dash is between periods of time where otherwise you may use the word to : The job is suitable for people who already have some experience in marketing and the ideal candidate.
The en dash it is critical that writers are aware of the major differences between the two annales concours acces punctuation marks and that they ensure they use them correctly and in the appropriate format in their written documents.
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Masternode Hosting, shapeShift, exchange Dash for Bitcoin, qhoster.When using the em dash and the en dash you should not leave any spaces between the punctuation and the next word.You'll probably need to change your input device (see the audiorecorder help on how to do so) and possibly tweak the detection levels for each level of peaks.It is sunny all year round in Singapore, but the rain is heaviest NovemberJanuary.In the battle of the em dash.To use, start with RecordWaveform.Not exactly rocket science is it?

For more punctuation help, see our comprehensive guide to the 14 punctuation marks everyone needs to master.
The em dash is the length of a lower case letter m and the en dash is the length of the letter.
The first basic concept to get your head around concerns the length of the punctuation mark.