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Our panelist Jim may have had a bad one, because he tried to enter it in a Shootout and found that it "did not impress me at all." But our contributor PZ says, "I had two good ones.
YUY2, YV12 Plugin Fizick / Manao Deblock_QED "A postprocessed Deblock Uses full frequencies of Deblock's changes on block borders, but DCT-lowpassed changes on block interiours." Didée.Adds, "The muting curve on the XDR-F1HD is from their implementation of the post-demodulation signal processing.I've never utiliser carte cadeau jules sur internet seen anything like this before.YV12 Script thewebchat DeGrainMedian Two stage Spatio-Temporal Limited Median filter for grain removal.RGB24, RGB32 Plugin panzerboy66 BlockAverage A simple filter that just averages the Y values of each 2x2 pixel block in a YV12 image U and V values are left alone as they already common to each 2x2 block in a progressive YV12 image.

YV12, RGB24, RGB32 Script rafriff42 Blurring Filter Description Color format Plugin / Script Author BucketMedian BucketMedian is an implementation of spatial median filter adapting bucket (counting) sort algorithm.
I replaced the narrows with 150s.
YV12 Plugin list WarpSharp WarpSharp contains these sharpeners: UnsharpMask, WarpSharp, Xsharpen.The calibration of the expansion (decoding) unit for magnetic tape uses a flux level of 185 nWb/m, which is the level used on industry calibration tapes such as those from Ampex; this is set to 0 VU on the tape recorder playback and to Dolby.This protects the system from audible mistracking due to record warps and low-frequency rumble.RGB24, YUY2, YV12, I420 Plugin Donald Graft dgmvcsource MVC source filter for AviSynth.YUY2, YV12 Script actionman133 TweakColor Target specific hue and saturation ranges for hue and saturation adjustments.Script SeeTheDifference SeeTheDifference just makes the difference visible between an encoded and an original videoclip.It uses local statistics (minimum, maximum and median values) of a moving local grid, and changes grid size depending on local statistics.The noise reduction is quite noticeable and useful.Y8, YV12, YV16, YV24, YV411 Plugin tp7 Colorit Color a black and white image or recolor a color image.