rabies titre test uk

If youre heading to Europe or Australia, depending on your country, your dog may require a rabies titre test.
As long as the test is carried out and documented in your pet passport, with a favourable result, before your pet leaves the EU, there is no waiting period.
Blood taking is usually performed in the clinic.
We recommend that an overnight or next day carrier be used since the regular mail can take up to two weeks.Scenario 3: Travelling Overseas from Australia Make it easier to return home to Australia with your dog Before I left Australia with my dog to travel to Europe, I technically only needed to have my dog immunised for rabies, as well as complete the standard.Shortly after your vet will receive a lab report giving the level of antibodies.THE date OF THE blood draw before the animal may enter into these countries/territories.The rabies vaccine must be administered at least 30-days before the blood draw date for the rabies antibody titre test.This depends on the country that you are travelling to the EU from.Find more information about pet passport forms for taking your pet into another country.This means the total preparation time to take your pet to the EU is at least 4 months.Other Countries, microchipping The European Union and other countries and territories (e.g., Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Israel, UAE (Dubai Saudi Arabia, etc., require that pets must be microchipped before or on the same.Please check with icvs to confirm the waiting period before pets may enter into your country of destination.

The approved laboratories are listed here.
All dogs that have visited Group 3 countries (or any of the unapproved countries) require a rabies titre test as part of the long preparation process.
Read more about my experience returning to Australia with my dog, including all the steps we were required to complete.
So, if youre travelling around Europe with your dog and theres a chance youll visit one of these countries, consider getting a rabies titre test for your dog now.
Submissions must sent from the veterinarian or clinic and be on the official blood titer test form.Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.A copy of the rnatt laboratory report must be submitted with the rnatt declaration.(Its always a good idea to double-check ecole preparation concours psychomotricien the country you are travelling from is still exempt, on this page.) This even applies if youre just briefly driving through these countries, such as on your way from Italy to Greece.A blood titer test for pet dogs and cats is required by many rabies-free countries and some countries with a rabies-controlled (third) countries in order for dogs and cats to qualify for a reduced quarantine period or no quarantine at all when they are traveling.You dont need to get an rnatt declaration completed by the official government veterinarian in the country of export and attach it to your permit application, as covered on this page.It is strongly recommended that pets going to EU countries complete microchipping, rabies vaccinations and the rabies antibody titre test if the owner knows the pet may enter into the EU in the future.Entry Date Into the European Union and other countries: EU countries require that the animal must wait at least 90-days after.Icvs can help owners complete the rabies antibody titre testing at official EU OIE authorized laboratories and provide express test results to the owner in 2-3 weeks.