15.00 per injection for a grand total.00!
These are the key tourist destinations outside Europe, Australia and the United States wherein rabies vaccination is not a mandatory safety measure: Artiga and Barbuda Bahamas Bahrain Brunei Cape Verde Cook Islands Cyprus Dominica (not Dominican Republic) Easter Island (Chile) Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) Jamaica Maldives.
Since its only good for two years, you will code reduction gifi want to keep this in mind when traveling in the future.The vaccine begins to provide protection in a week to 10 days, and protection lasts at least two years.How can anyone justify charging someone 14,411 for several shots.Boosters every 2 years -you just need one.The preexposure shot for rabies simply eliminates the need for additional therapy after a rabies bite or exposure, with two types of vaccines available in the United States: (1) Human Diploid Cell Vaccine (hdcv and (2) Purified Chick Embryo Cell (pcec).Petersburg, and Clearwater (Florida) : 249, birmingham and Hoover (Alabama) : 283, rochester (New York) : 308, las Vegas, Henderson, and Paradise (Nevada) : 330.

Guess what the next 3 shots were around 2300.
With excellent insurance it cost me 1,100.
For those who do have health insurance, talk with your insurance provider as you will find that many of them may not cover this shot since it is deemed an optional medical procedure. .The last three booster shots had I taken them would have pushed the total to over 40,000.00 Posted by: Carol Lake in Belvidere,.For post exposure- go to a university hospital.And at Baylor Travel Medicine in Texas, an initial consultation costs 85 to 150, depending on the complexity of the patient's travel itinerary and medical history; a follow-up appointment to administer the vaccine costs 25 to 85 ; and the vaccine cost is 325 each.My insurance paid all but 700 and that 700 made me hit my out of pocket max, so who knows how much I would have been responsible for paying.The actual rabies vaccine component (same as for pre-exposure) was "only" about 2,135.Rabies vaccine overview, typically, the shot will be administered by a nurse.

Posted by: Melissa Pelham in Des Moines,.
Judging by the collective prognosis, it is the one fight against infection wherein the national health care system has delivered crippling blows.
The estimated national human rabies vaccine price comprises the following: Office or clinic visit: 77, administering the shot: 327, the 10 Least Expensive, the cost of rabies vaccine is not the same for all locations in the United States.