rabies rage

With older vaccines, at least 16 injections were required, whereas with hdcv, pcec, or RVA, 5 are usually sufficient.
It is spread by contact with an infected animal's saliva, usually from cadeau cle usb avec photo a bite.
1655-65; L rabies rage, madness, deriv.
Symptoms include depression, headache, nausea, seizures, anorexia, muscle stiffness, and increased production of saliva.Those that develop the paralytic type of rabies without any evidence of excitation or viciousness may recover on rare occasions.The virus, a rhabdovirus, is often present in the salivary gland s of rabid animals and is excreted in the saliva ; thus, the bite of the infected animal introduces the virus into a fresh wound.One name for rabies, hydrophobia fear of water comes from painful throat contraction on trying to swallow.In such cases the course of the disease may be prolonged to a week or more.

Here are some facts about rabies: More than 55,000 individuals lose their lives due to rabies every year.
Immediate cleansing of animal bites with soap and water can remove much of the virus.
The rabies virus is classified into two forms - furious and dumb.
Paralysis of the voice muscles in rabid dogs may produce a characteristic change in the sound of the bark.
Depression and paralysis soon follow.The rabies virus can trigger severe inflammation in the brain.Very few people who develop rabies symptoms survive, in spite of receiving medical care.Jenner, semmelweis, pasteur, koch, lister, this site commemorates the contributions made to modern science and medicine by brilliant scientists of the past. .In developing countries, the virus is more likely to be transmitted by stray dogs.Under favourable conditions, the virus propagates along nerve tissue from the wound to the brain and becomes established in the central nervous system.It is considered to be a deadly viral zoonotic disease that damages the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord of infected humans and animals.For instance, bats infected by the rabies virus may start venturing out during the day.Zoonotic means that it spreads between humans and animals.

In humans, death can result from a seizure in the early phase even before symptoms of central nervous system depression develop.