If the animal does not have rabies, you will not need preventive treatment.
Although bite and non-bite human to human rabies transmissions are theoretically possible, no cases have been documented.
In The United States, cases of rabies have dramatically changed."Rabies can be prevented by vaccinating pet dogs, cats and ferrets and avoiding contact with all wild and stray animals.".For more information on bats, rabies and advice on how to capture a bat, see the.Rabies virus variants associated with terrestrial animals in reduction cinemovida the United States and Puerto Rico are identified with the names of the reservoir animal (eg, dog or raccoon followed by the name of the most definitive geographic entity (usually the country) from which the variant has.MA 65, m Bite, Philippines, dog, Philippines 12-Sep-14 26-Sep-14, mO 52, m Unknown, bat, Ps 16-May-13 11-Jun-13.In Arizona, bats are the most common hosts of rabies, but skunks, foxes, and bobcats are also carriers.A history of having had contact with a bat could only be documented in approximately half of the cases, suggesting that even limited code promo digitec ch contact with bats may be associated with transmission of the rabies virus.Approximately 30 people are exposed to rabies from rabid animals each year in the state, which often happens when people touch or handle sick or dead bats that fall from the sky.Because information regarding the location of the exposure and the identity of the exposing animal is almost always retrospective and much information is frequently unavailable, the location of the exposure and the identity of the animal responsible for the infection are often limited to deduction.Authorities in Arizona confirmed cases of rabies in the Superstition Mountain area.Bat bites may not be obvious as their teeth are small and very sharp.

Do not leave your pets outside alone or let them roam free.
People and unvaccinated animals can be infected from a rabid animal from a bite or if the saliva gets into the eyes, nose, mouth or a break in the skin.
Rabies is endemic in bats and raccoons in New York State.
If the animal does have rabies, you can receive treatment to prevent developing rabies.The Rensselaer County Department of Health reported that a kitten was found in the area of 182 Main Ave.Human rabies cases in the United States are rare, with only 1 to 3 cases reported annually.If you find a bat in your house and can capture it safely, contact your local health department for assistance.My sp Myotis species.

Two of those occurred in New York State, and none occurred in New York City.
If the bat is not available for testing, the bat is assumed to be rabid, and the person exposed should receive PEP.
Today encouraged all New Yorkers to take precautions against rabies exposure from wild and stray animals and to assure that pets are vaccinated against this potentially lethal disease.