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Blade in the Crowd (Bronze Assassinate fifty enemies.
Stealth Navigation Requirement: First Sequence Cost: 0 Effect: In Sneak Mode your movement is faster, you are harder to detect, and can stealthily move.
Effect: Increased Throwing Knife damage.
Forest Green: Purchase for 1,000.Useful when setting up Multi-Finishers and other moves.Jade Dragon Cane-Sword Level: 7 Requirement: Reach Loyalty Level 2 with Robert Topping.Then, climb onto any structure and shoot the dart into the fire.Combat Stamina Requirement: Level 6 Cost: 6 Effect: Performing multi-kills regenerates health based on the number of enemies killed.A Life in Letters (Bronze Collect all of the Royal Letters.Assassination Requirement: Assassinate 120 enemies.

First Strike II Requirement: Level 6 and First Strike I Cost: 6 Effect: Your First Strike attacks inflict even more damage and may instantly kill an enemy.
Effect: Increased damage caused by guns while you are driving.
Alternate costume colors Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding color: Beige: Purchase for 1,000.Jaw Tenderizer Level: 7 Requirement: Chest found in Cannon Street Station.Eagle Vision I Cost: 0 Effect: Enemies idée cadeau chasse au trésor are highlighted in the world and on the mini-map.If you're still looking for ways to bring down the cost of gaming, you may want to consider buying.Aegis Cloak Level: 10 Requirement: The crafting plan is found in Sequence.Flawless Conqueror (Bronze Secure three Gang Strongholds and complete their optional constraints.Dirty Knuckles Level: 3 Requirement: Redeem a promo code.