C08 - Route 4 - Parterre Way Level Range of wild pokemon: 6-8 _ PokemonType Skitty-Normal Ledyba-Bug/ Flying- Flabebe-Fairy Combee-Bug/ Flying- Budew-Grass/Poison- Ralts-Psychic/Fairy- _ Youll find some different colored flowers in the field of this route.
Take note that it will be a challenge capturing Snorlax so you have to weaken it and inflict a status condition and even use one of your special pokeballs (Timer Ball for example) to capture him successfully.
Pelipper in the other hand doesn't hit that hard but it is more resilient to attacks.
There's a hidden in a rock to the left along the way.
Rising Star Rhys (Prize Money: 1,020)- LV15 Pancham (fighting) LV17 Goldeen (water) LV16 Skiddo (grass) Continue forth and take the path to the left to find a lone trainer in the cliff.Mauzis Abenteuer / Le jour de paye / O-Nyarth-sama no Shima!?Sadly there's nothing much you can veste de concours rose do here.If you have Fennekin, then you shouldnt have to worry about this gym.You can go there and challenge the gym leader or fully explore the city.You have to deliver the letter back to your mom so leave the town to the south.Talk to her and shell challenge you to a battle.Youngster Joey (Prize: 72)- LV3 Scatterbug (Bug) LV3 Fletchling (Normal/Flying) This battle shouldnt be that tough considering that Youngster Joeys pokemon are only LV3.

Lets take the left path first.
Chytrá sova / Fowl Play!
They will upgrade your Pokedex and add Coastal Kalos.
Leave the house afterward.Youre a Star, Larvitar!Before heading inside, talk to the man outside to receive an Ultra Ball.When ready, enter the Glittering Cave.LS3-North Boulevard- LC16-LMV Station- This station operates the trains and you won't be able to board them without a pass.