She loathes human food and prefers feasting in her nest on a accord réduction du temps de travail diet of cadeau a 300 rotting fruit.
Somehow everyone got better.) Trolls are truly diverse creatures.
Shine is the rightful king of the trolls, but isn't interested in ruling; rather he invests his energies into his efforts to bring about peace between trolls and dwarfs.The best part - "Trow" actually means troll in some dialects of British English.Chaos Trolls are even weirder due to living so close to the Realm of Chaos.They like to eat anything that falls into their lair.They appear somewhat reptilian with a single eye and tusks.They smell the blood of their prey, and are capable of indefinitely stalking them if not put down first.Trolls in Slayers (likely based on the ones in Dungeons Dragons ) are rather primal creatures, around twice the height of the average human and come in a large array of colors.The trolls essentially look like large (in the 15 ft-range) big-nosed and coarse-featured humans who dress in stereotypical 19th-century Norwegian clothes and are strong enough to bodily hurl alien tanks into the ocean.They have regenerative abilities, and it's mentioned that troll blood is a potential treatment for minor wounds and that in order to ensure they stay dead, they have to be decapitated.

Fairy Dust trolls are as large, strong and resilient as one can expect.
All trolls look different although there are a few common characteristics.
They were giant-sized, enormously strong, and presumably man-eaters.Irish mythology holds that humans had to fight a long bitter war to wrest control of the land of Ireland from a race of foul, lumpen, mis-shapen, not especially intelligent, creatures with no table manners called the Fomorians - trolls by any other name.Trolls usually possess great mineral wealth, to the point that "rich as a troll" is still a figure of speech.Homo neanderthalensis was very robust, strong and as intelligent as Homo sapiens, but different enough to be perceived as a different species.Music All of Trollfest's music is about Trolls, which are somewhat Goblin-like, love mead and eat Christians.Charby the Vampirate : The first one introduced is pointy eared, horned and green with a Funetik Aksent with a design inspired by John Bauer's illustrations.And gnolls are made of soil rather than rock.