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Sample Letter Rejecting A Job Applicant.All students who are first- time borrowers at HBU.cost area s can i get a sample letter to bank requesting.It records all work performed and can even.However, there may be just one fundamental issue that may stop us from giving this contract to you.You have a one time big expense to cover, you are probably better off.All students who are first- time borrowers at HBU must.Time line and Budget We are requesting grant support for a 3 year period.However, it may seem a bit out of place to write such a letter to a new supplier unless you really want to do business with them since they are the only ones who can supply you with what you want.Tara Pitts, tel: (222) 222-2222, email: tara @ email.Since you cannot ask the management to raise the budget, this is probably the best way to have your cake and eat it too!We have been provided with a budget within which we have to make sure that this procurement effort is maintained.