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"Rebel Style Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee (Same as Madison).
Cookie is a Pug owned by Nolee (and later, Nia ).
"Getting Ready: Out and About" two-doll giftset: Madison with Sutton, combien je gagne en congé parental Chelsea with Hudson and Delancey with Ellis.
River is voiced by Alessandro Juliani.Like the Bratz, these dolls have large shoes that serve as feet, but they also have traditional Barbie feet and are able to wear regular Barbie shoes.She is from Jamaica, sells clothes and jewelry made by herself at a stand.1 3, it originally cadeau naissance maroc included three dolls: Barbie, Madison, and Chelsea, code reduction pat patrouille spectacle with different ethnicities and personalities, and 2 extra fashions for each character."I Love My Friends" two-doll giftset: Kennedy with Madison and Chelsea with Nolee "I Love My Friends Bedroom" doll with playset: Delancey (UK Exclusive).His favorite food is fries, although "he calls 'em "chips he makes his own music, and looks for a girl who's "t can get sassy, too!" He really likes New York City."Club Birthday Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, Hudson, River and Sutton.

"Sporty Style Kennedy : Yoga Madison : Tennis Chelsea : Skateboarding Nolee : Tennis (Canada and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison) "Juicy Bling" or "Tropical Bling Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee (Australia and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison).
"My Bling Bling Bikini" : Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Nolee (Canada and Latin America Exclusive) (Same as Madison).
"Floral Fiesta Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.
She is Chelsea 's cousin.
"Cruisin' in My Ride" two-doll giftset with convertible: Barbie with Ellis, Madison with Sutton and Delancey with Hudson."Working Radio" (Latin America Exclusive Barbie and Chelsea."Cabana Beach Kennedy, Chelsea, and Delancey.He owns a 5-stars hotel named Jamaican Palms.Her pet is named Sugar."Tunin' In" giftset with radio ( Target Exclusive Madison, Chelsea and Delancey.