Luminance Contrast Controls the luminance contrast; useful for noisy photos.
Often, the films grain pattern appears in the scanned image.
It can be seen as artifacts or grains that compromise the smoothness of the photo.So I got to know the limits of my camera and worked within those constraints.Landscape photographers shoot in low light all the time.This is often noticed in the underexposed shadow areas of an image.This meant that the shadow areas were really dark and when you tried to pull them up in Photoshop, the noise would become evident.It is useful when dealing with a lot of photos qui a gagne objectif top chef taken under the same promo escabeau conditions with identical camera settings.It is a good idea to zoom your image to 100 to see the actual details of the noise in the image.Batch Processing support that lets you automatically convert a series of images.High ISO Noise Reduction or, long Exposure Noise Reduction.This is good for noisy photos.

So if you shot an image that was 30 seconds long, the camera will do an analysis and correction that will take up to 30 seconds.
This may become impractical if you are doing 10 minute exposures, but it is worth doing on shorter exposures.
Colour Detail Controls the colour noise threshold.The reason is that jpeg images already have compression applied to them.If none of these options give you the correct exposure, then you will need to push the ISO up higher.For our privacy policy, click here.You will need to slide each adjustment around until you find the desired result and see how the changes interact with each other.This is useful if you still have some unusual colour noise in your image after you have made all your adjustments above.The reason is that after the image has been shot, the camera will analyse the image and look for any pixels that are incorrectly rendered.