Image Source : According to an analysis of capital investment in 29 major industries in India given by central statistical organisation, approximately 90 of the working capital is invested in inventories.
This is expressed as: advertisements: Return on Capital Profit/Sales x Sales / Capital.
All variables in a particular group can be highly correlated among themselves but have low correlation with variables of other group(s).Importance of Variety Reduction: Since the numbers of items are reduced due to variety reduction, the increased quantity of an individual item can lead to more economical price, because of larger quantities.Also, it helps in improving the interpretability of your model.A 3-D classification problem can be hard to visualize, whereas a 2-D one can be mapped to a simple 2 dimensional space, and a 1-D problem to a simple line.Moreover, it is not good to have multiple variables of similar information or variation also known as Multicollinearity.Assessment of the particle velocity characteristics of blasting vibrations at Bani Khalid quarries.The fundamental predictor equation of ground vibration is represented in the following form: Vm k D Q m (7) The x - y relationship in Equation (5) is obviously a straight line with the slope 'm' and the Y intercept 'c' in order to plot.Less procurement cost as fewer numbers of purchases for lesser number of items will have to be made.Properties voyage promo noel 2017 of Explosive Used are; Density 1200kg/m3, Energy Libration 3500kJ/kg, Detonation Pressure 13500 MPa, Velocity of Detonation 5500 m/sec, Cartridge Lenght 475 mm, Cartridge Diameter 50 mm and Cartridge Mass.0.

Chart of PPV against Scaled Distance in the Selected Igneous Rock.
R (1 w where: SD, scaled distance; R, distance between the shot and the monitored station (m and W, the maximum charge per delay (kg).
So almost nothing can be done to reduce.
Results Tables 1 and 2 show the blast-induced ground vibration measurements at Geowork limestone quarry and Octopus granite quarry respectively.PPV (mm/s) 1200. 850. need to take the number of dimensions into accounts.Hence, we are left with a lesser number of eigenvectors.Interim Guidelines and Standard for Industrial Effluents, Gaseous Emission and Hazardous Waste in Nigeria.Figures 4 and 5 show the chart of PPV against scaled distance for the selected sedimentary and igneous rocks respectively.There are basically two methods of performing factor analysis: EFA (Exploratory Factor Analysis cFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis decision Trees: It is one of my favorite techniques.A key issue in international marketing is how best these effects can be exploited, particularly as the skills and experience are spread throughout the world.3, April 2010 pp106-109.In another condition, a classification problem that relies on both humidity and rainfall can be collapsed into just one underlying feature, since both of the aforementioned are correlated to a high degree.