When combined with fuel injection and turbocharging in particular, the use of exhaust gas recirculation results in a combustion process that produces significantly lower levels of nitrogen oxide.
At the same time, operators save on fuel costs with an SCR system, because internal engine parameters can be configured for ultra-low fuel consumption.
Customers subsequently benefit from a tried and tested standard production solution with a long service life which is optimally adapted to the engine package.This ensures, for example, that the operating temperature of the SCR system remains at an optimal level.To safeguard the system even further, a back-pressure sensor is put before the SCR system.It is handled in diluted form as it black desert online gagner de l argent is much less harmful.To find the right balance, therefore, all the key technologies that affect combustion must be perfectly matched.Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia through inhalation can cause immediate burning to the nose and throat and coughing.

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The closed loop system will also reduce wastage.
As from 2015, it will limit the nitrogen oxide emissions of engines for gensets with power outputs exceeding 560 kW to a maximum.67 g/kWh and particulate emissions.03 g/kWh.
For the underfloor rail powerpack equipped with the V engine, MTU is even developing a complete SCR system that, in addition to the catalytic converter and metering system, includes a reducing agent tank, heater and piping.At the same time, the drive system is optimized for low fuel consumption and a minimal space requirement for the SCR components.The cooling of the injector is done by the return flow of the AdBlue.The NOx reduction reaction takes place as gases pass through a catalyst chamber.Our dosing system uses uncommon but extremely effective technology.Compliance with extremely low emission limits, however, requires a combination of internal engine optimization using exhaust gas recirculation and external optimization by means of exhaust aftertreatment with an SCR catalytic converter and, if necessary, a diesel particulate filter.MTU also assists its customers in the design of the reducing agent supply system for the SCR system.As the MCP Directive refers to monitoring NOx levels closely and reducing them, SCR systems will play a central part in complying.Its called Selective because the process specifically targets.