(more to determine how old you are, you have to do a simple subtraction.
Their is simply many ways the human body can come to a demise, depending on the individual and their physical history.
I was completely faithful and I truly loved and love him not sure why because I know he didnt love.
Played Marcia Frazer in "Discontented Husbands" in 1924.
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During the aging process, people who are healthy can stillgenerally do most of the same things they did when young, includingphysical activities.
Played The Girl in "Trouble Brewing" in 1924.
Im so upset with him saying I disrespected his kids.A blue fox with a wierd tale?I told her to get the f*k out of the house.It's when they look in amirror, or are struggling with pain or diseases, that "old age" isa reality.When you get to old your body starts to hurt.George Billings in "A Close Shave" in 1929.

Played Eulalia in "The Small Bachelor" in 1927.
Played Paula in "Brothers" in 1930.