There is no right age to give vaccinations, since it will depend on the individual animal and on how protected from exposure you can keep it before vaccination.
At the very least, the children should receive some explanation about why certain decisions are being made.
Author's note - as discussed in tns concours 2017 section 2a, if the animal is going to cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix (money you don't have) or if the animal has a very low chance of survival regardless of money spent, then financial reasons.
6d) Leaving the body with the vet - what happens to it?Although organ donation is not, at this point, all that common or feasible an option for a soon-to-be-euthanased pet, the donation of blood most certainly.Not when assisted euthanasia is available and is so quick and peaceful and painless.Are you absolutely sure its safe for your pet to get this vaccination every few years, or worse, yearly?Part Two is here.

However, a bat bite can be superficial and not easily noticed.
In that case they will need a well insulated nest box, and their outdoor enclosure should be set up inside a garage, barn or shed to protect them from the elements.
Refill the hot water bottle at every other feeding (or when it is no longer warm enough) and also check that it is not too warm for them and does not leak.
Pet cremation is one of the most commonly used pet disposal services available today: a vast number of owners that I have met choose to dispose of their pet's body in this way.
Another Option but it must be ordered: Fox Valley Animal Nutrition makes milk replacement formulas specifically for wild orphans, including baby raccoons.Adult dog or cat kibbles will not be rich enough in some of the nutrients a growing animal needs.You need to protect your dog.Something was clearly wrong, and Tigger was referred to the Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital for further assessment.I am sure that your local university would be most appreciative if you opted to donate your pet's body to them for veterinary teaching purposes.