In addition, the Office of the Iraq Programme will complete scanning of all approved but unfunded contracts, as well as contracts registered but not approved, for transfer to the CPA.
Goods that are consigned to UN agencies and programmes under resolutions 1472 (2003) and 1476 (2003) but not received by them by 21 November, will be consigned to the relevant Iraqi authority. .
It is also a source of satisfaction to note that the CPA has found the local technical capacity in the three northern governorates to be adequate for the handover of authority for the administration of the Programmes projects and assets, which will be administered.Compared to the same period last year, net provisioning for impairment losses rose by a total of 35 per cent, or 283 million, to 1,083 million.This challenge has been met in the face of prevailing security conditions, and the ensuing substantial reduction in UN international personnel in Iraq after the terrorist bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad on 19 August.The Council was also provided gagnants demi finale la voix 2018 with details of the information to be included in the dossiers.Outlook RBI expects loans and advances to customers in 2014 to remain at the approximate level of the previous year.As at 18 November, the total value of the items to be transferred was 384 million.Non-performing loan ratio increases.4 percentage points.1 per cent compared to year-end 2013.Profit after tax decreases.7 per cent to 259 million (Q1-Q3/2013: 461 million).The Office of the Iraq Programme has provided the CPA and the relevant Iraqi ministries with two electronic copies of all approved and executed contracts for the sale of Iraqi oil, as well as all approved and funded contracts and their relevant applications in the.These contracts will not be amended by the United Nations prior to 21 November 2003, and will be transferred to the CPA for further processing, where applicable.Contracts assigned relative utility and priority for which new letters of credit are being issued by BNP Paribas at the request of the United Nations Treasury in accordance with the amendment agreed to between the adopting UN agency and programme and supplier;.Cost/income ratio improved.5 per cent.

Adjustments were also made for alternative delivery and authentication sites to enable the delivery of supplies and equipment to Iraq.
Of a total of 2,937 prioritised contracts, the UN agencies and programmes have negotiated amendments to 2,783 (94.8 per cent).
Among them are prioritised goods under 256 contracts valued at 309 million. .Statement by, benon.The Office of the Iraq Programme will provide the CPA with electronic copies of all correspondence associated with these cases for further processing after 21 November 2003.Irrespective of the political and other constraints, the Programme made a real difference in the daily lives of the average Iraqi citizen. .The dossiers will be annexed to the transfer Agreement.This includes the first confirmations of receipt in Umm Qasr received by OIP on 14 November 2003.Contracts of questionable utility that have letters of credit issued and outstanding.The transfer process is being carried out through the use of model agreements and other documents that were prepared by the Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP) in close consultation with the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, and approved by the CPA. .