The Reference Group consequently sanctioned Public Television of Armenia (amptv citing a breach of the rule stating that "no messages promoting any organisation, institution, political cause leclerc sarre union promo or other causes shall be allowed in the shows".
After the results of the professional juries are presented, the televoting points from all participating countries are combined, providing one score for each song.
Julia Juli Kommunikation AB".The 2016 ogae Poll began on finished on The table below shows the top 5 results."EBU to investigate Russian jury vote video"."España denuncia a Eurovisión por impedir el acceso con la ikurriña" Spain denounces Eurovision for impeding entry with the flag of the Basque Country.

The EBU also proposed a more tolerant approach to other flags as long as attendees respect the apolitical nature of the contest and do not attempt to deliberately obstruct the camera views.
Retrieved 14 February 2016.
"Kaliopi returns for FYR Macedonia!".
Other countries edit Further information: List of countries in the Eurovision Song Contest Eligibility for potential participation in the Eurovision Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with active EBU membership that would be able to broadcast the contest via the Eurovision network.
Forty-two countries participated in the contest.The winners were revealed shortly before the final on 14 May.Participating countries edit Participating countries in the first semi-final Pre-qualified for the final but also voting in the first semi-final Participating countries in the second semi-final Pre-qualified for the final but also voting in the second semi-final Participating countries had until 15 September 2015.Retrieved 10 February 2016."Public Rules of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest" (PDF)."Eurovision 2016 running order revealed this Friday".Portugal withdrew, largely due to their national broadcaster's insufficient promotion of their music-based media, as well as a poorly structured selection process, 55 while Romania were forcefully withdrawn from participation on ue to repeated non-payment of debts by their national broadcaster to the EBU.France, Spain, and Sweden voted in this semi-final.Retrieved "Pesma Evrovizije 2016, Finale, prenos".