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Dans un contexte budgétaire général dramatique et, en particulier, de frugalité pour les universités, autant dire que la République se montre particulièrement bonne fille avec eux.
Le salaire des élèves sortis de lécole en 2011 est de 52 500 euros brut annuels, soit une hausse de 7 200 euros en un an!
Of the French graduates 9,639 died on the field of battle.
Contents, history edit The 1st rank of the first company of cadets.
French cadet officers are called saint-cyriens or cyrards.Interview and record exam ( concours sur titres ) : These saint-cyriens are recruited after graduate education (master's degree).La discours cérémonie de remise des diplômes part de ceux qui se sont dirigés, en 2011, vers les banques faire une liste de cadeau en ligne et les institutions financières est de 49, vers lassurance de 16, vers ladministration.Retrieved Jean-Pierre Baly, page 17 "La Gazette cadeau homme a fabriquer des Uniformes no 193, Juillet-Aout 2001 Jean-Pierre Baly, page 9 "La Gazette des Uniformes no 154, Mai-Juin 1995 Christian Benoit "Les saint-cyriens entrant en guerre pages 4449 "Armes Militaria" no 2 External links edit.The museum is closed to the public on Mondays and it is closed from 2:30.m.Graduates leave the school with the rank of lieutenant and join the specialist school of the branch they select for one additional year, before being assigned to a regiment to serve as a platoon leader.5 The shako plumes are nicknamed Casoars ( cassowaries because they were first adopted in 1855 at the time of this colorful bird's first appearance in the Paris Zoo.Dorénavant, tous les diplômés, doù quils viennent, bénéficieront du titre.The course is three years long and covers academic training, military strategy and theory, practice of war, training, physical training and leadership and organisational training.

Its motto is, ils s'instruisent pour vaincre, literally meaning "They study to vanquish" or, more freely put, "Training for victory".
At the end of the third and final year, the cadets are promoted to the rank of lieutenant and receive their new insignia in a ceremony called the "triumph" ( triomphe ).
Saint-Cyr has remained there to this day.
While the plumes were not at first welcomed by the cadets, they have become a symbol of Saint-Cyr.6 Ceremonies edit The various steps of the cadets' formation are celebrated in various ceremonies, all performed during nighttime.French students take exams on general knowledge, aptitude and intelligence; sit for an interview and pass a test of physical ability.This dress incorporates a dark-blue tunic, red trousers (red skirts for female cadets) and a shako with red and white plumes.The 1st-year students (rank of élève-officier Cadet) are France's Third Battalion, 2nd-year (rank of aspirant Officer Designate) are France's Second Battalion and third-year (rank of sous-lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant) are France's First Battalion.Archived from the original (PDF) on b "Les écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan / Site Saint Cyr Coëtquidan Les écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan".It can be a nickname ( du Firmament, "of the Stars for the first one the name of a famous battle ( Sevastopol for the 185556 Class the name of a famous soldier or general ( Bayard, 192325 Class, Foch, 192830 Class).Uniform edit Cadets of Saint-Cyr wear in full dress ( grande tenue ) a special uniform, derived from the 1845 Regulations Infantry Officer Dress.Bonne nouvelle pour les élèves de lEcole nationale de la statistique et de ladministration économique (ensae) : le marché du travail les attend de pied ferme et les entreprises sont prêtes à payer cher pour les attirer.Officer cadets at St-Cyr are commissioned officers.