do guinea pigs need rabies shots

2, avoid giving guinea pigs foods that are bad for them.
It is important to note, however, that even with the Myxomatosis vaccine, the rabbit is not guaranteed to never get the virus.
Some guinea pigs love eating bread crusts, but this doesn't mean that it's good for them.
Tell us more about it?Yes, 1 cup a day per guinea pig.Never give a Guinea Pig (of any age) a large portion comment uber gagne de l argent of fruit a day, as this can cause obesity and tooth decay.Using drugs like amoxicillin can make a bad situation worse so it is best to avoid them completely.Even he said they require hay for stronger limbs and better immunity.

Don't feed your guinea pig anything with salt.
For tips on controlling portions and preventing obesity, read on!
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They may not have a diverse palate quite yet.12 Place a water bottle in your guinea pig's cage, so that it can access clean water at any time.This would be extremely risky.Question Is there a way that I could leave my two guinea pigs alone for a weekend if I put in lots of hay and vegetables?If you cannot get your guinea pig to eat fresh veggies, try shredding the veggies into strips and add them to the pellets.Only use les fées créatives code promo pellets designed for guinea pigs.While it's okay to offer a small cube of wholemeal bread as an occasional treat, it's not nutritious for guinea pigs.However, pregnant and nursing sows and guinea pigs under six months can eat more of it (in addition to Timothy).

This is due to the rarity of these diseases.