Hispano-Suiza 12Y-31, M-103, M-105.
Variants edit, m-105 - (1,100 horsepower (820 kW) First version produced at the end of 1939.
Critical altitude: 2,000 m (6,561 ft) at 1st speed, 4,000 m (13,123 ft) at 2nd speed.
Demande, autres sites à visiter: Site de concours m, contest site.External links edit Retrieved from " p?titleKlimov_M-105 oldid ".M-105PA - (1,200 horsepower (890 kW) Improved 1941 version.M-105P - (1,050 horsepower (780 kW) First mass production engine ( 1940 ).In addition to a two-speed supercharger, the M-105 had several improvements like two intake valves per cylinder and a counterbalanced crankshaft.

M-105R - (1,100 horsepower (820 kW) Decreased propeller reduction gear ratio for bomber aircraft.
Able to accept an autocannon in the "vee" between cylinder banks.
Maximum quotidien medecin offre emploi boost at altitude: 920 mm Hg (36.22 MP subsequent variants had 1,100.
Maximum boost for take-off: promo easy pharmacie 965 mm Hg (38.00 MP subsequent variants had 1,100 or 1,200.
The National Library of Finland.Valve lift: 13 mm (intake and exhaust) Supercharger : Gear-driven two-speed centrifugal type compressor.During the war, the Soviet Air Force used fuel mixtures, including automotive gasoline, without troubles.About 129,000 M-105 and its variants were built.M-105PD - (1,170 horsepower (870 kW) Engine with 2-stage E-100 turbocharger, experimental high-altitude version, unsuccessful prototype.M-105PF (VK-105PF) - (1,260 horsepower (940 kW) 1942 Modification with significantly code de réduction adidas increased power output at the expense of decreased high-altitude performance.Contents, development edit, the M-105, designed in 1940, drew heavily.During the war, Klimov's engines were redesignated from "M" (for "motor engine) to "VK" for the lead designer's initials.

The "PF2" was installed in the Yak-3.
M-105RA - (1,110 horsepower (830 kW) M-105PA with decreased propeller reduction gear ratio for bomber aircraft.