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Significant strengthening in the financial structure Fourth Quarter promo monoprix Full year In million 20 Change Cash flow before change in WCR and Voluntary Departure Plans, continuing operations (m),769 402 Cash out related to Voluntary Departure Plans (m) Change in Working Capital Requirement (WCR) (m) Net cash.
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Rate comment se présenter oral concours on cash and cash.Ground staff were reduced by 1,050 FTEs.0 0 Change in cash and cash equivalents and bank overdrafts 734 832 Cash and cash equivalents and bank overdrafts at beginning of period 3,933 3,101 Cash and cash equivalents and bank overdrafts at end of period 4,667 3,933 Change in treasury of discontinued operations.Un jury sélectionnera les clichés gagnants en fonction des critères relatifs à la perspective, la qualité esthétique, l'audace et l'innovation représentés.And bank overdrafts of disc.As of 31 December 2017, there will be a net equity impact which is estimated between -0.3 billion and -0.6 billion euros.The investment plan will be managed in the long-term target range.0 billion.5 billion euros.You can take part free of charge and with no obligation to purchase.

Na Income before tax -1,496 235 na na Income taxes na na Net income of consolidated companies na na Share of profits (losses) of associates 5 -10 na 21 -7 na Income from continuing operations -980 97 na na Net income from discontinued operations.
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The audit procedures for the consolidated accounts have taken place.Dossier de candidature et adresse voir annonce : Concours 40 pilotes ligne groupe Royal Air Maroc 2017.Cargo (ASK m) 76,637.8 314,646.3 Revenues (m) 6,235.4.1 25,784.8.3 ebitdar (m) 855.9.3 4,352.9.7 ebitda (m) 594.0.1 3,264.3.8 Operating result (m) 113.2.3 1,488.8.1 Operating margin.8.3.Air France-KLM Group: Improved operating result driven by solid unit revenue performance Fourth Quarter Full year 2017 Change Change constant currency 2017 Change Change constant currency Capacity (eask m) 85,951.8 351,695.0 Capacity excl.Net debt reduction of 2 billion euros from operating free cash flow and capital increases et debt (in m) 1,657 3,655 Aircraft operating leases x 7 (in m) 7,616 7,511 Adjusted net debt (in m) 9,273 11,166 ebitdar (in m) 4,352 3,787 Adjusted net debt/ebitdar.2017 fuel bill down 90 million euros The 2017 fuel bill amounted to 4,507 million euros, down 90 million euros compared to last year.Maintenance: margin remaining at a solid level and future order book increase ahead of target Fourth Quarter Full year Maintenance 2017 Change Change constant currency 2017 Change Change constant currency Total revenues (m) 1,086 -3.9 4,177 -0.1 Third party revenues (m) 461 -5.1.5 1,823.