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Anybody Can Learn (1 min my Name is Aracely (3 min).
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According to the W3C recommendation you should declare the primary language for each Web page with the lang attribute inside the html tag, like this: html lang"en".Computer Science is Changing Everything (5 min).Hour of Code with Steph Curry (2 min).Aymara ay, azerbaijani az, bambara bm, bashkir ba, basque eu Belarusian be Bengali (Bangla) bn Bihari bh Bislama bi Bosnian bs Breton br Bulgarian bg Burmese my Catalan ca Chamorro ch Chechen ce Chichewa, Chewa, Nyanja ny Chinese zh Chinese (Simplified) zh-Hans Chinese (Traditional) zh-Hant.Dance Party, code a Dance Party to share with your friends!Vous pourrez aussi trouver sur notre site, tous nos accessoires, brosses destinés à nos amis les animaux.

Inspire a girl (2 min computer Science intro (1 min what Most Schools Don't Teach (5 min).
La boutique de l'aspiration centralisée - UNE question?
Previous, next, iSO Language Codes, the html lang attribute can be used to declare the language of a Web page or a portion of a Web page.
Your browser is not supported.Amazon Future Engineer* is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program to inspire, educate, and train low-income and other disadvantaged children and young people to pursue careers in computer science.Amharic am, arabic ar, aragonese an, armenian hy, assamese as, avaric av, avestan.Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are changing.President Obama on computer science concour general agricole 2015 (1 min).See also: next reference for country codes.Nous suivre sur : Google, facebook, twitter,, dailymotion, cdiscount, blog Homexity.This is meant to assist search engines and browsers.In html and xhtml they can be used in the lang and xml:lang attributes.

Learn coding concepts to choreograph a dance party together.
Keep On Dancing, go beyond the first hour with extended project ideas.
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