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"What is Threaded Code?".
Huffman threading edit Huffman threaded code consists of lists of tokens stored as Huffman codes.
"Generation of Fast Interpreters for Huffman-Compressed Bytecode".
Threading models edit Practically all executable threaded code uses one or another of these methods for invoking subroutines (each method is called a "threading model.Although the technique is older, the first widely circulated use of the term "threaded code" is probably Bell's article "Threaded Code" from 1973.PushA: *sp A jump *ip pushB: *sp B jump *ip add: addend *-sp *sp *-sp addend jump *ip This is called direct threaded code (DTC).For example: start: ip thread top: jump *ip thread: pushA pushB add.The bit-oriented tokenized code used in pbasic can be seen as a kind of Huffman threaded code.Basically the index and codes are organized by measuring the frequency that each subroutine occurs in the code.This form is simple, but may have overheads because the thread consists only of machine addresses, so all further parameters must be loaded indirectly from memory.To save space, programmers squeezed that series of subroutine calls into a list containing only contiguous addresses of the sub-routines, and used a tiny "interpreter" to call each subroutine in turn.Older forth systems typically produce indirect-threaded code.

These are: ip or i ( instruction pointer ) of the virtual machine (not to be confused with the program counter of the underlying hardware implementing the VM) w (work pointer) rp or r (return stack pointer) sp or s ( parameter stack pointer for.
Huffman threaded code is one of the most compact representations known for a computer program.
The loop is simple, so is duplicated in each handler, removing jump top from the list of machine instructions needed to execute each interpreter instruction.
Not to be confused with multi-threaded programming.The code is typically fast but nonportable since the binary code is designed for a specific computer hardware platform.Most published 5 uses have been in smart cards, toys, cadeaux jewelry calculators, and watches.An interpreter executes it on each new target hardware.Unser Portal verwendet cookies-Dateien.Many of these subroutines, in turn, also consist of nothing but lower level subroutine calls.See also edit References edit a b "Speed of various interpreter dispatch techniques V2".Régulièrement, des offres promotionnelles et des bons plans sont disponibles, qui vous permettent de faire des économies ou de recevoir un cadeau lors de vos achats.

Early compilers for algol, Fortran, Cobol and some Forth systems often produced subroutine-threaded code.
Mainframes and some early microprocessors such as the RCA 1802 required several instructions to call a subroutine.