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S-video looks much better than composite video and is only slightly inferior to component video.
"D1" identifies a UK-only release.
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There are basically two ways to display video: interlaced scan or progressive scan.
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Photo CDs require specific support from an application or.All TVs larger than 13 inches sold in the US since 1993 have Closed Caption decoders.Gear gear Pro DVD.If you'd like to translate the DVD FAQ into another language (Klingon, anyone?If you set the display option in your player to pan scan (sometimes called fullscreen or 4:3) instead of letterbox, it won't do you much good since almost no DVD movies have been released with this feature enabled.7, 2001, nasa sent two multiregion DVD players to the International Space Station.Digital video (best quality).5.6 What testing/verification services and tools are available?Org for more information on mpeg-2 video.