From sequences of opsin genes they have deduced a plausible way for trichromatic vision in the howler monkey to have evolved from dichromatic vision by neo-Darwinian gene duplication followed by nucleotide substitutions in one copy.
Popper, 1972 (27) Artificial selection never produces wholly new characteristics.
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"The big surprise concerning homeoboxes came in 1984 with the discovery of a homeobox, very similar to the Drosophila ones in a vertebrate, the toad Xenopus laevis.Evolutionary Scrap-heap Challenge., a Reply forwarded by Stan Franklin, : Ultraconserved elements.USA, online Mario Ventura., "Gorilla genome structural variation reveals evolutionary parallelisms with chimpanzee" abstract, doi:10.1101/gr.124461.111, p v21, Genome Research, Oct 2011.A coordinating gene that works the same way in very different animals is not confined to the eye.The authors are aware of this problem and postulate other roles for genetic intermediates between the two genes.The rat genome has been sequenced.The birth of a new gene unique to apes and humans.The number of changed essential nucleotides in new genes that supposedly arose this way is still in the dozens at least, whereas the number of possible genes that would differ from a given average-size gene by only half-a-dozen promo apple macbook pro 13 essential nucleotides is enormous, on the order.This timing coincides with the independently estimated time when the Antarctic Ocean was frozen.