Adam Frederic Duritz has definitely got a loose tappet in the rocker box, and we're bloody-well glad.
That said, 1,300 motorcycles sounds to us like a pretty respectable number for this kind of blue-chip biking product.
The police are keen to hear about any and all motoring offences from mobile phone use to close passes to jumping traffic lights to tailgating to other forms of dangerous manoeuvres on the highway.
And need we advise you to have nothing to do with suspicious activity such as this?But we haven't yet heard it direct from the horse's mouth, and there's no mention of this news on the firm's website.You'll have little option but enjoy.Well, Bajaj is the world's third largest motorcycle manufacturer producing last year around.5 million motorcycles and three-wheelers, collectively.

And, as we understand it, only a select few will get to party afterwards.
Duritz once again delivers his musical message with the exquisite phrasing of artistes such as Frank Sinatra or, and we hate to say it, Robbie Williams.
But it's an arguable legal point whether or not the use of the BMW roundel infringed any intellectual property claim.
His first movie role was as a beatnik named Leonardo in the low-budget 1966 tsonga a gagné Italian film Il marito è mio e l'ammazzo quando mi pare (It's my husband, and I'll decide when to kill him).
Norton, based in Castle Donington, Derbyshire, needs no introduction.He had a habit of speaking his mind, and not always saying the "right" thing, whatever that.Additionally, Bajaj will help facilitate Triumph's presence in local showrooms and plug a gap in Bajaj's portfolio."History is more or less bunk.Customers, after all, can order components and pay for them night and day.But so is editing the past to suit the mindset of the present.