It was a beautiful summer day last Monday when a handful of us bloggers were invited to dine and qui a gagné ninja warrior 2017 experience this all authentic Japanese buffet.
Want to know what I had for lunch?
Together with their Filipino team, they created a tasty ensemble of familiar Japanese food, the true stars in this production.Entering the restaurant was like being immediately transported to a street in Tokyo: Japanese lanterns and signages, sakura trees in full bloom, and wooden tables and chairs which bespoke of their signature minimalist style. With a sprawling floor area of 1,200 square meters and a seating capacity of 500, Banzai currently holds the title of being the biggest all-Japanese buffet in Metro Manila.Lucky me to end up with the plate he made!Not only does it have an authentic Japanese taste, but it also offers a wide array of dishes to sample with.Then it hit me that I had the same strange observation when I was in Japan.With a wide selection of food, an eat-all-you-can meal here in Banzai is totally worth every peso.You can always request that they fry a piece or two of the tempura that you like, and they will gladly oblige.The selection of sushi that they serve varies within the day so you get to sample something different if in case you dine in Banzai during lunch and dinner.By the reception is the first section,.In one corner of the establishment, a trick art gallery was settled to provide photo opportunities for guests.

Divided into seven areas, Banzai is primped to the littlest of detail as if it were a well-budgeted theater set for a kabuki performance.
Banzaiâs shrimps are long and plump, and by far better than what we had in other all you can eat restaurants.
Here at Banzai, I had the chance to have both gastronomical delight and intercultural understanding.Banzai is open for lunch is from 11:00am to 2:30pm and for dinner is from 6:00 to 10:00pm.Trick Art Gallery, the Trick Art Gallery features three murals, which when photographed at their proper angles, give the illusion of third dimension.From the group that brought us themed Japanese restaurants like SumoSam, John and Yoko,.They get giddy roaming around the expansive establishment, eyeballing the items that would later on end up as towers on their plate.Banzai prides itself by using ingredients all imported from Japan.Cake slices, dessert shots, lava cake, walnut tart, meringue pie, cream puff and make-your-own snow cone station.It seems that the restaurant values quality of food over quantity an attitude quite uncommon with their competitors these days.Pizzas here are pliant and chewy; a must if you like flat breads!

Special thanks to Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater Marketing and Public Relations Teams for warmly welcoming.